Dear friends, you made today a warmer day, and the world a little better place.

Back in December we were thinking about Christmas and how fortunate we were.  We, at Verdigris Interior Design, live in nice homes, our children are warm and fed. Our needs are met, and then some. Feeling blessed, we wanted to find a way to share with those, in the Green Bay area, who are without the means to satisfy their most basic needs.

You might remember reading on one of our Facebook posts about our Buy a Blanket, Give a Blanket promotion. Thanks to so many of you, we were able to donate 20 warm, much needed blankets to the homeless in the Green Bay area.

While investigating how we wanted to distribute the blankets, we stumbled upon a community outreach program through the Green Bay Police Department. We contacted them and asked if we could send blankets with officers, so when they come across someone in need of a little extra warmth, they could leave one with them.

Just before Christmas, one of the officers stopped by Verdigris Interior Design and picked up a nice big pile of brand new, very warm blankets. He thanked us, but really, it is you who made this possible. It is you who took the time out of your busy holiday to send a little love to someone you don’t know, and will probably never meet. You showed love to someone’s brother, sister, son, daughter, father, mother, or friend. You made someone feel like they mattered.

So, while it is so very cold today, please take a minute, wrap yourself up in the beautiful blanket you purchased, and maybe say a little prayer for the people you blessed on this cold, cold night.