They are a true team. Trisha and Cassie have been working together for over seven years. They’ve developed their skills together and strengthened their working relationship. When you hire Verdigris Interior Design, you get a team of two designers who know how to work well together to deliver the best design for your space.  Over the years they’ve learned how to tap into their client’s thoughts and minds to really pull out their visions for their space through consulting and truly listening to their wants and needs.   The beauty of having two designers who are able to work so well together is that you end up with the best results possible.    They’re a strong honest team, disagreeing and agreeing, rationalizing and analyzing the designs until they develop the best ideas and solutions for you.   As a team, they’re able to take your projects to that next level giving you something that reflects your personality and functions for the way you live.
Trisha has a fine arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and minored in design with an emphasis in textiles and painting. She is also CQRID certified and has over ten years experience. Trisha excels in problem solving and developing unique solutions to her clients design dilemmas as well as painting portraits, landscapes, and abstract art. Cassie has an associate degree in interior design from Fox Valley Technical College with over ten years experience. She enjoys blending design styles and excels in color coordination and pattern blending as well as photography, photography manipulation, and multimedia art.  They both have the gift of reimagining vintage furniture into that one of a kind new piece.
Trisha and Cassie design with their clients tastes and personalities in mind.   They are very comfortable with contemporary and transitional styles as well as traditional and eclectic. They design with an artist’s viewpoint of color, scale and repetition and their rooms range from soothing and inspiring, to bold and eclectic. Bringing unique and out of the box ideas and products to their clients is their passion. Cassie and Trisha inspire each other which enables them to drive home excellent flawless design for their clients.